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  1. Too gorgeous for words. I like how fabulous the woman looks. The woman staring at her is also beautiful. If only she would offer the taller woman a compliment.

      1. Would you be good enough to tell me where you took this photograph. It’s inspiration for a post and I wonder if you would give me permission to use it to illustrate the post (of course with attribution to you and a link to your blog). Thank you. Also, I cannot see the graphic in my reader, which you sent as a reply. Warmest, SB

        1. This is shot in dubai last year at the dubai world cup the worlds biggest and richest horse races. Please dont use it . And that graphics was a smily … take care

          1. Okay, I understand and will not use your photo without permission. I really like it though. It is one of my favourites. Warm regards, SB.

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