The best and the easiest way to become a photographer is to buy the best and latest camera and then attended the best photo workshop in town. The aim is to reach on top in just few “DAYS”. Everyone is looking for a shortcut to make it big. Everyone is living with the illusion of being creative.

Street Photography

The Big Question

Is photography just as easy as it looks from distance?

In past year or so I have witnessed an overgrowing trend of attending photography workshops by almost 80 to 90 percent of the so called passionate photographers.

They have almost everything for what it takes to be a great and established photographer, all that they are missing is a “PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP”.

One fine day they make up their mind and they are ready to take a plunge into this great workshop being conducted by the best of the photographer with amazing work under his/her belt.

They register, pay money and are excited to return back, being transformed into a great photographer. They have already started to dream of great images they will be able to capture by the end of this photo workshop.

The Other Side Of Story:

The fact is very bitter for what happens after these workshops.

  1. 98% of the people who were at least doing some sort of photography on their own before attending these workshops suddenly stops doing photography. They just disappear from the scene of photography totally.
  2. 98% of the mentors who conduct these workshops have never attended any workshops themselves, they have reached this far on their own. They learned the art of photography not in few days but it took them years to reach where they have reached.
  3. A workshop of few days overloads these new photographers with so much of facts tips and knowledge by the mentors which they themselves accumulated and learned slowly and gradually spread over years. This immense bombardment of sudden knowledge poured in the heads of these newcomers, shatters them and their dreams by the end of these workshop.
  4. They return back with utter confusions and low confidence and suddenly they see themselves as nothing when they start comparing themselves with their mentors and the knowledge they possess. It’s now they realize that it’s not a matter of few days to reach where they want to reach. It’s now they understand that photography is not about owning that camera they bought. It’s at this point they realize what passion actually means.
  5. Now they take the easy way out because it all started with becoming a photographer in the shortest span of time. There is no shortcut to reach where you want to reach. The best shortcut is to quit and this is what I see happening, People join these workshops and 98% of them quit photography and they disappear from the scene.

The Lesson

  1. There is no shortcut to learn photography.
  2. Photography Workshops helps filter weak and unfocused photographers.
  3. Photography Workshops can’t transform you in few days to be a great photographer.
  4. Understand the meaning of passion.
  5. Slow and steady learning will take you there, you can’t become a photographer overnight.
  6. Not all photographers who quit photography after these workshops were bad, weak or unfocussed, it’s simply that they were overloaded with tons of information in a short span of time during these workshops which confused and demotivated them instead of taking them further towards their passion.


Are photography workshops killing new photographers?

Are workshops just filtering weak photographers?

Are workshops designed to motivate and guide newcomers?

Are workshops the only way out?

Are workshops just meant for polishing your skills?

Are workshops producing great photographers?

Are workshops imparting too much information?

Is Business of photography workshops overtaking the intention of imparting knowledge?

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