Give Something Extra



Yes that’s for sure that we need to provide our viewers with something extra then what they have been seeing every passing second on this www, world-wide web which is flooded with millions of images. We all have access to these visuals which are shot by professionals, amateurs and even by people who are not even bothered about by what photography is.

These pictures come in all sort of shapes and size and the variety of content is beyond ones imagination. Our eyes are scrolling these images throughout the day, and we hardly have any choice to avoid them, we see them no matter we like them or not.

So what is happening is that our eyes are getting trained to see pictures every passing second, and the Hard Disk of our brain is storing this visual information subconsciously.

This unlimited access of visuals to us  beside we ourselves being the part of that lot who are flooding the web with these images, has sure given sense to almost 99.9% of us for what is a good visual/picture and what is not so good or bad picture.

I may not be wrong in saying that we all have become critique or at least we all have defined our lines for what is good and what is a bad picture.

“Beware, don’t take it lightly for everyone is visual literate !”

ashok verma


So now we know that everyone understands pictures, images or visuals whatever you may call them. Viewers of your pictures are sitting there with their sharp eyes and immense sense of understanding  about the rules of photography. They have their own predefined guidelines to interpret the images you are presenting them. They may be professionals or amateurs or even a laymen but the moment you present your work to them, they are the one who will decide whether you created an image which is wow or just a LOL.

As a photographer and knowing all these facts we need to produce images which are just not what everyone is producing. Shooting an image with right exposure and a great composition will not lead you anywhere for sure.

Everyone is doing so, everyone knows how to shoot with right exposure, they even know what rule of thirds are, they know about leading lines and all that bookish stuff. They have already seen all this stuff in thousands of images.

So what are they looking for actually or what is that thing which will make your image standout and be a hit.

Why are some images liked and why  some don’t even get a glance ?

As a photographer you need to deliver something “EXTRA” besides all those regular bits which you are supposed to have in your pictures by default and as your duty for being a photographer.

What can be this EXTRA thing, where do You find it, how do You get it, how do you insert this thing called EXTRA in your picture ?

If a picture can stop you and make you think twice… Bang ! I can guarantee that the image sure has got that thing called EXTRA in it.

Yes this is the thing which everyone is looking for to imbibe  in their work and to make viewers stop by and connect with your picture which triggers them to think, how, why, where, when, what and mummer the word called ‘WOW’ at last.

Now go ahead and press that rewind button of your memory, you will sure recall that all the pictures you have liked in past, did trigger those things which i mentioned above.

If your picture is not able to perform this phenomena it will fail. Viewers want to be amazed, they want to be surprised, they want to be shocked they love suspense, they are looking for something  which they have only visualized but have not seen ever before. The viewers are curious and sensitive that’s why they want to be connected to your image but you need to give them that content and connection in the stories you present to them thorough your pictures/visuals.

Don’t ever forget that the viewers want to see this “EXTRA”  not alone but in combination with your regular skills and understanding of photography which you will sure have to incorporate in your pictures be it technical or aesthetic part.Dubai Ashok Street Photography

So if you have mastered the so-called regular skills of photography and aesthetics and are ready to explore for more, why not search for that thing called “EXTRA”. Trust me the moment you discover that “EXTRA” and are able to include it in your visuals, you sure will attain the attention of the ever-growing visually literate viewers in this world-wide web of visuals .

27th March 2017  © ashok verma

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