That ONE picture will change everything you see and shoot and in a fraction of a second you become a photographer you always dreamt of being.
Yes, this a fact, you just need that one picture to be clicked by you which will transform you and your photography to the next level. The moment this image is captured by you, you understand every bit of photography, you suddenly learn what to click, how to click, how to see and how to make your photograph just not a photograph but a piece of art which is loved by everyone who sees it (almost everyone)

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After this moment, you start seeing things differently, you start seeing images everywhere around you, you start to see light so differently, you become some other person all of a sudden.
You start wondering how the same old camera and same old you with same old eyes is producing all new images with so much of impact.
This is no magic this is no trick this is no supernatural power too.
This has happened to all those photographers who are now well established and are doing great images which we all love and get inspired by, and this will and can happen to you too.
But the catch here is this will only happen if you love what you are doing and this love for photography has to be real crazy stuff… you need to live it day in and night out you need to be in it and on top of that you don’t need to leave it in between when you are not doing good.
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This one great picture will sure happen but for that you need to keep clicking and clicking and clicking not like crazy but like a crazy lover…who is ready to understand what he/she is doing; who need to face mistakes who need to go beyond limits.
This one great image which is the game changer will have to be shot by you and only you. No teacher no mentor no photo walks or talks will produce this image but you. These all may become a medium for you to reach there but it will have to come from within you.
The rule is simple, don’t stop and give up. When you feel that you are not getting there that’s when you need to go out again and try more.
This image is stored deep inside you somewhere in your head and to bring that out all you need to do is keep shooting.

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It will never ever pop out by just reading the best of the photography books, or by seeing the works of great photographers and attending talks and workshops only.
The only technique to bring this one image out of your head is to shoot, shoot as much as you can.
If you do what you are doing with 100 percent of yourself given to it, if you keep your eyes open, open to see what wrong or right you are doing, with your mind and heart always ready to learn and absorb and if you love not to give up at any cost, you will sure soon get that ONE IMAGE which will change you into a photographer you always wanted to be.

Street photography Dubai

So get up friends and go out and shoot a lot without ever giving up and let that ONE GAME CHANGER IMAGE COME OUT FROM YOU AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AS A PHOTOGRAPHER :
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Ashok Verma